Friday, March 14, 2008

Literacy Academy Final Reflection

I never expected to enjoy professional development this much. This year has changed the way I teach and given me confidence to be creative in my classroom. Trying the activites that were presented during this time really made me think about the way I teach. I realized that I shouldn't restict myself to the same old stuff that everybody does just because it is expected. I can try new things and go in different directions. Even though it might not look or sound like what some people expect from a classroom, I am not teaching for those people. I am teaching for students that need memorable moments in order for them to learn and remember material. My students have enjoyed everything that I have tried that I learned during the Literacy Academy and every new thing I came up with as a result of attendence. Every time I had to be absent to come to Rolla, they would be excited to have me return because they knew I would have something new for them to try.
I think the best outcome of attending this year is the exposure to the Writing Project. If I hadn't come here, I would never have known about it. I am really excited about attending this summer. I know that it if the Literacy Academy had this much impact on me as a teacher, the Writing Project will really be something.
I am sad that this is ending. I have looked forward to every meeting because I always knew that I would learn something great to take back to my classroom. These things that I have learned have really benefitted my students and exposed them for the writers they never knew they were. It is exciting!


Juanita said...

I am thrilled for you and for your students. It's your enthusiasm for learning that's catching on with your students. Congrats! You will LOVE the writing project -- talk about a great professional development opportunity.

rabber said...

I've enjoyed hearing about the lessons you do with your students.
Take care and have a great rest of the year!

Marj's Blog said...

Your students are fortunate to have you in the classroom. Blog on, sister.